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Product List
aelie_baby wrote in llamas_kimonos
Pre-fabricated products

Products that are already available are posted on my Etsy.

Custom Clothing

I need specific measurements for custom clothing. I would recommend wearing a t-shirt, as the seams are very similar.
  • Height: shoulder seam to the floor
  • sleeve: shoulder to the wrist
  • shoulder width: one shoulder behind the neck to the other shoulder
  • hips: around the hips
  • chest: around the largest part of the chest

  • traditional kimono styles

    Furisode - a traditional kimono for unmarried women. They have colorful patterns with long sleeves (39-42 inches). They are worn for formal occasions. They are generally lined

    Yukata - unlined cotton kimono worn generally for summer festivals. They are also worn around spas as a type of bathrobe. The sleeves of a yukata are generally 20in. long.

  • custom kimono styles

    Your imagination is the limit! Just tell me how you would like your kimono, and I will do my best to fulfill your wish!

  • traditional obi styles

    Fukuro obi - formal obi. 30 cm in width and 12-15 ft in length. Generally, they have rich embroidery and may have plain backing rather than patterns on both sides.

    Hoso obi - "half-width" obi. 15 cm in width and 10-13 ft in length. They can either be of any pattern.

  • custom obi styles

    I will make obis to your specification in width and length!

This is what is available for now - more will become available in time!


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